Your Relationship


Text: Amos 3:3 

[3] Can two walk together, except they be agreed?

This is one of the main things a lot of people have failed to look out in their relationships, or ask themselves before walking into a serious relationship.

In other words, are you and your partner in a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical agreement? If you guys are not in agreement in this area, you can’t walk together or move in the same direction in life.

Therefore, your relationship would fail in the closest future.

Maybe you were once in agreement or you were never really in agreement but the point is that right now the fundamental agreement which your relationship requires to succeed does not exist. It’s simply and indication that at some point in the Road of your relationship you’re going to have a big heart break.

It’s simply telling you that, your focus, interest.

And pursuit are completely different.

Your heart are going in two separate ways, and the relationship is no longer working effectively.

And so in this state, of relationship, a lot of people are scared to face the end of their relationship which they’ve poured their heart and soul into. Even when you know that, your relationship has reached the end of the road. And that your romantic Journey had been terminated, you still try to hold on to the threads hoping that it will miraculously workout for you.

My dear stop wasting your time.
Move on with your life without looking back.

See let me tell you something that is very very Important and I’ve walk through it.

When ever your feelings for your partner have changed, and you no longer feel as excited about your partner as you used to fill before, then it’s time to end the relationship and let it go.

I know the challenge most of us face, is how to go about terminating the relationship they desperately want to hold unto.

How do I let it go when I’m not sure if I’m doing the right thing or the wrong thing.

Note that above anything else you want in your life, your peace of mind is the vital fact or things you should never avoid or ignore when you’re in a relationship.

See your happiness should be your paramount focus in any relationship.

No matter the conclusion you’ve made, if you’re unhappy with your life because of your romantic fantasy, or involvement with your partner, you should let that relationship go.

Never try to force it if not you will end up being in a stage of lifetime regrets.

It’s time to let it go.

Counsel: Never make your life a stand still of hurts and pains because you’re trying to fight for a relationship that does not exist, and your partner is not doing anything to make it work.

Move on with your life.

Your happiness and peace of mind is much more important than the Hell you’re into call trying to make it work in a relationship.

Just let It go. Kiss him or her a goodbye with No Offense.

Prayer: Father I ask for the Grace to identify or meet the right person, to walk into a right relationship or make my present relationship work. with my partner Jesus Mighty Name.


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